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Hommund Telekom ( HQ )

Hommund Telekom(HQ) project is located in Tamar, Somalia. Within the scope of the project, Simaf Group took part in the construction of exterior fa├žades. The project took place in 2013.

Due to the materials used in the construction of the exterior, it is both resistant to the chemical effects of the atmosphere and resistant to any impact or factor. Its structure is not disturbed against the damage of the sun's rays. Its seasonal characteristic means that it is not damaged in the event of expansion or contraction. During the rainy season periods, the water is not affected and the water does not flow into the interior of the building. The structure provides a ventilation function. It's windproof. It is suitable for the architecture of the building and thanks to its design, easy repair is carried out. The need for cleaning is small and easy. It is resistant to all kinds of seasons. It is reliable thanks to the use of quality products. It is resistant to outer sounds with its insulation feature.

Aluminum is used for the exterior. Advantages of the use of aluminum curtain wall; light weight, robustness, longevity, low maintenance requirement, good heat and sound insulation. Due to its aesthetically appearance, it can be designed according to the desired architecture. Aluminum cladding, which is preferred to provide the best expected in the design of buildings, also offers a wide range of use thanks to its high durability and light weight characteristics. Its properties such as the absence of a toxic, magnetic material, low density, easy to shape and process, high corrosion properties are due to the preservation of the oxide layer on aluminum. It's a cheap option.

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